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This website is for the people who are against the military government in Burma and
fordemocracy.  This is  the  website   which are built  with  altogether  with  political
prisoners who exiled  from Nurma.So We are inviting and acceptingPoems, Articles,
and othersthat every political prisoner
will send.

    We all are  political psisoners  who  exiled  from  Burma  and  trying  to  get  the
democracryfrom SPDC. We would like the  foreign  country  to know about Burma
political prisoners, how they feel in the prison, how they were oppress in the prison,
and when they  tried for Democracy, how the  military intelligences treat them in the
interrogating center around the Burma. We really would like the people around  the
world to know what's happeninginBurma,  what  had  happened  in Burma and what
will happen in Burma. So  we made this site and we invite every  political prisoners
and all people  to adivse us. If you have any idea and  opinions for us , please send
email us, espically the way for democracy. We will try to get the democracy for our
country as much as we can. Now we are very happy to hear that Oo Win Tin and
other political prisoners releasefrom the jail and on the other side , we are very sorry
that most of political prisoners have still left in many prisons.

   There is an increased focus on the conditions for prisoners and other who are kept
in prison in the worls nowadays.  There are  good  reasons  for  that.  The number of
prisoners worldwide is increasing.
        The bad news is that the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims
again and again receives alarming reports describing torture in interrogation centers,
places of detention and prisons.
         The good news is that today we do have the international instruments that are
needed to improve the conditions for detainees. There is total prohibition of torture in
the United Nations Convention against Torture and other Cruel,Inhuman or Degrading
Treatment or Punishment.
 The Optional Protocol to the  Convention against Torture provides the establishment
of national as well as  international visiting  mechanism  to  monitor the condition in
detention places in each country.



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